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Wardrobe Wishlist: What’s Hot This Spring

Wardrobe Wishlist: What’s Hot This Spring by sassanista featuring a gold chain necklace J.crew boyfriend jeans Michael kors purse $525 – Tory burch wallet Michael Kors stainless steel jewelry Forever 21 gold chain necklace Ray-ban glasses … Continue reading

The Backpacker’s Travel Essentials

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The Backpacker’s Travel Essentials by sassanista featuring Shawlsmith London I know from experience that choosing what to bring when your limited to only one carry on can be a rather tedious and somewhat daunting task. You’re probably questioning how you … Continue reading

Pastel Perfection

Pastel Perfection


Forever 21

Diane Von Furstenberg mini skirt
$230 –

High heel shoes
$41 –

Prada tote bag

Michael michael kor

Ben Amun long necklace

J Crew j crew

Essential Beauty Rigime

Essential Beauty Rigime

Essential Beauty Rigime by sassanista featuring juicy couture perfume

Every girl needs an effortless everyday beauty regime, one that highlights her features while maintaining a natural appeal. After years of trial and error in search of the perfect products and appearance, I’m finally satisfied with my beauty routine. When it comes to investing in your appearance, I wouldn’t hesitate to splurge on what seems like overpriced make-up. Having bought both drug store and department store cosmetics, I have realized that the extra cash you spend on the “expensive stuff” is worth both the quality and quantity it lasts. I have finally found a face that appears both effortless and flawless after receiving constant criticism over the years from my older brother who claimed I always “wore too much makeup”. The truth is, most everyone appreciates natural beauty and while wearing the above, my brother and the boys don’t even think I have anything on. There are a few products you can exchange for the drug store brand, primarily the moisturizer which is a bit expensive but extremely essential, I would recommend CeraVe which is an awesome alternative. Another great way to save money is to buy the Bare Escentuals starter pack every three months when your face makeup runs out, the starter pack is only $63 and comes with three new brushes, foundation, bronzer and a mineral veil. Bare Escentuals is all natural makeup that won’t clog your pores, and the new brushes every three months guarantee clearer skin! My secret to long lashes is using a blow dryer on your eye lash curler before curling your lashes. That technique in combination with DiorShow mascara (which was rated best mascara in all of the major magazines) guarantees you luscious long lashes! The DiorShow mascara lasts me almost a year with everyday use. Another best seller, is NARS blush in Orgasm, interesting name and even more enticing when highlighting your cheek bones. NARS blush assures you “natural” glow. Well I hope you enjoyed my makeup secrets, stay sassy!! XO

NARS Cosmetics blush

Bare Escentuals makeup brush
$38 –

Bare Escentuals makeup brush
$38 –

Christian Dior waterproof mascara
$36 –

Bare Escentuals face makeup
$31 –

Bare Escentuals sheer makeup
$25 –

Juicy couture perfume

Burts Bees nivea lip care
$5.48 –