The Backpacker’s Travel Essentials

The Backpacker's Travel Essentials
I know from experience that choosing what to bring when your limited to only one carry on can be a rather tedious and somewhat daunting task. You’re probably questioning how you can possibly pack enough clothes to last you a couple of weeks without repeating an outfit in your photos. I mean come on, you can’t post pictures in separate counties wearing the exact same clothes. That’s just not cool. So how does one backpack around say Europe and still manage to look stylish?
The trick is to pick neutral pieces and avoid patterns. Limit the statement pieces to your accessories, like scarves and jewelry. Then you can swip swap your statement pieces with different outfits and create an entirely new look. What I recommend is that you bring at least 5-7 tops that are basic and neutral. Also, make sure that you bring at least 1 short sleeve, 1 tank top and 1 long sleeve.
Next pack at least two dresses, maxi’s are great because you can dress them up or down depending on how you style them.
You should bring at least two pairs of shorts, one denim pair and another pair that are dressier. Make sure that you pack a pair of jeans as well, even if it’s summer. The weather differs depending on the countries that you are in, and you’ll be disappointed if you decide to go to the Swiss Alps and don’t have anything warm to wear. Therefore, you should also pack a cardigan or jacket, preferably one that you can wear with all of your outfits. Also, the quintessential element to every travel wardrobe…leggings! Leggings are great for the plane or train because they’re comfortable and still give the impression that you care about your appearance in comparison to sweat pants.
As far as footwear is concerned, I highly recommend TOMS when traveling because they are not as touristy as sneakers but are equally as comfortable as them. A pair of ballet flats and dressy sandals are necessary as well when you want to spruce up your appearance for an evening out. All of these options are great because they fit well inside a backpack also. Don’t even bother bringing a pair of heels or wedges because no one in Europe really wears them because they are a serious hazard on all of the cobblestone streets.
Finally, a cute backpack and a cross-body bag are essential. Make sure that your cross-body bag has sturdy straps because pick pocketer’s have been known to cut the straps in order to steal a bag. Cross-body bags are a necessity when traveling in any foreign country because it makes it harder for someone to unknowingly steal something out of your bag when your bag is in front of you. Before you head out the door throw on a cute fedora and ray bans to complete the look, and you’re ready to begin your journey!

Topshop dress

H M pink ruffle dress $33 –

H M beige silk blouse $50 –

H M lace top $33 –

H M white top $17 –

H M crop top $13 –

H M plus size shirt $13 –

H M short sleeve top $12 –

H M sheer top $12 –

H M pink top $9.89 –

Short shorts

Dorothy Perkins jean shorts

TOMS flat shoes $58 –

Old Navy tan flat shoes

Forever 21 jewelry

Ray-ban glasses

Sole Society hat

Essie nail polish


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