New Year, New You?

The mark of a New Year always offers us an opportunity to change, but many question whether or not change is really possible. The pessimist might wonder whether or not someone is even capable of cultivating a permanent change within their character. Meanwhile the optimist continuously, and sometimes unrealistically, takes on the challenge to change some aspect of themselves in order to realize what they perceive to be their potential. Personally, I tend to lean more towards the latter rather than the former and here’s why; we are all constantly changing over the course of time whether we are conscious of those changes or not. With every experience that we encounter, some aspect of ourselves is altered. So, if we are all constantly changing and evolving over the course of time, what’s preventing us from consciously participating in our own evolution? The illusion that our appearance, personality, habits, beliefs, values and goals are stagnant.

For some reason, many people commonly assume that they generally stay the same over time. In fact, when someone does change it is often perceived negatively by their peers because that person is no longer living up to their expectations. That person is no longer who their peers expect them to be. We live in a society that is so afraid of change, that it has gone so far as to create specific surgeries and procedures in order for people to preserve their youthful appearance. But if growing older is a part of life, and the only thing in life that is guaranteed is change, than why do we expect ourselves to stay the same?

The truth is, many people find it hard to change because consistency offers them security. In a world that is constantly changing, we struggle to hold on to the things that we believe will stay the same, whether it is a relationship, a habit, a belief ect. Anything that offers an individual a sense of security in an ever changing world. In whichever form our sense of security takes shape, we cling to it because it brings security to an always unknown future. That is until the time comes when the universe asks us to let go of an outdated relationship, habit or belief and replace it for one that continues to inspire our growth.

The choice to change is made by accepting responsibility to change and for not changing. Whether it is a mistake that you have made a million times, a habit that you find hard to break, or a character trait that has continued to create tension, only you are responsible for choosing not to learn the lesson, harness the habit, or tackle the trait that is preventing you from being the person that you are capable of becoming. The universe will continue to create circumstances in your life that will force you to change until you do, that is why you have had the opportunity to make the same mistake a million times. If there is any point in time that is the “right” time to change, it is the transition into a New Year. The mark of a New Year questions who you are capable of becoming and what you are capable of accomplishing, and only you hold the answers and the actions that will empower you to change.





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