Change & Transition.

168764ed44a74583e7fb508a20dd576bThere are pivotal moments in all of our lives that seem to stop us dead in our tracks and question the direction in front of us. For some, we may wonder whether or not we are heading in the right direction. Others may ask themselves if they have made a wrong turn. Many look into their future with fear of the unknown, questioning all of the possibilities and praying that there is just one that they will remain passionate about.

These moments arrive during periods of transition that require us to change into the people that we were destined to become. They ask us to evolve beyond the ordinary and to step into the next phase of our lives. For some these moments of clarity, in which we realize that we are ultimately the architects of our own lives, arrive when we graduate from high school or college or even when we get a divorce. While others may simply go through the motions until one day something begins to stir their soul, causing them to suddenly crave more meaning in their lives. Yet there are others who grasp this moment of recognition in the middle of their lives, and it leaves them in a state of crisis wondering whether or not they have wasted nearly half of their lives living for something they don’t stand for. Again though, there are others who go their whole lives and never experience this moment at all.

For some people change feels like death, and quite honestly it is. Change requires us to perceive our potential and shed the pieces of ourselves that no longer serve our purpose in life. It asks us what about ourselves is authentic, and requires us to leave behind all that is not. But I think the most unnerving role that change serves us, is to help us realize that we are essentially all that we have in life. This realization, although it initially appears scary, liberates us from all that is holding us back from who we want to be. From there we decide to finally begin living for the only thing that we have to live for, ourselves.

Moments of transition and times of change help us shed others expectations, release resentments and let go of unnecessary attachments. We are all creatures of habit. Habits of thought, word and action. What we don’t realize is that these habits that we most often pick up from others and our environment, shape our lives. When we don’t like the direction that our lives are heading in, it is only our responsibility to change our course and set healthy habits that are authentic to the life that we want to live.



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