Beauty in the Breakdown.

We all experience those times in life in which we hit rock bottom, the circumstances are all different but the surface always feels the same. It feels as if we have forgotten that we are more than just our name, more than just our history. It is these times in which we seek to uncover our own mystery. When everyday seems like such a struggle and life feels like an endless juggle. We realize we are only going through the motions, as our mind is somewhere else, lost far away in some vast ocean. If only we knew, that only from darkness is where our light grew.

So we sit and we wonder, whether or not our lives are just one big blunder. As we are left to look at the pieces, we question how we got ourselves into all of this mess. From there we realize, we lost ourselves in some disguise, trying to live everyone else’s perfect lie. This epiphany, forces us to ask ourselves what is right for me? Where does our joy lie? The answer is found only on the inside.

At the bottom the only way is up. So we begin to go within and fill our own cup. Little by little the light shines through, as we begin to remember everything that we always knew. Our true-selves begin to awaken, and soon our belief grows so strong it can’t be shaken. The surface turns to soil, as we mindfully pluck the weeds and plant the seeds, all the while watching our lives untoil. Our seeds of intention invite us into a whole new dimension, as we consciously create our own fate. From hitting rock bottom, we realize there is always beauty in the breakdown.


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