Stop Searching.

The paradox of life seems to be that once you stop looking for something it decides to show up. We often spend so much of our energy “sitting, waiting and wishing” for whatever it is that we desire, that we forget to have faith in its inevitable fulfillment. However, when we misplace our energy on wanting instead of receiving we make it a lot harder for the universe to turn our dreams into reality. I know that sounds somewhat cliche or even “too good to be true,” but the truth is that faith will get you a lot farther in life than anxiety. It’ll save you some stress and a potential doctors visit as well.

We are often so wound up with the worry of whether or not life with live up to our expectations that we forget that the point of life is to enjoy it, not to worry it away wishing for the future or a different yesterday. The future will arrive soon enough, and as for yesterday…you don’t live there anymore. So live today, enjoy today, and embrace everything that is happening today. If you learn to live your life in this way it will not only save you some unnecessary stress, but bring all of your hopes here and now in no time. So stop searching. Start smiling and believing in the beauty of your life and all that is yet to come.


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