Live With Intention.

Many of us are learning or attempting to learn how to “live in the moment”. We live in such a fast-paced society today that it seems nearly impossible to slow down and appreciate the NOW. We’re either stuck in fast-forward or put in pause, paralyzed by our procrastination. So how do we achieve a balance between the two? How can we progress at a pace that is neither speedy nor stagnate  but flows effortlessly? By practicing mindfulness and living a life of intention, your life is able to harmoniously flow forward in the direction of your dreams and desires.

In order to be mindful, you must move away from the endless stream of thoughts in your mind and get out of your head. I know that sounds somewhat paradoxical (and I assure you that almost everything is), but by placing your attention on what’s going on outside of yourself, you are much more aware of everything, even yourself! When you allow yourself to actually focus on the task at hand, not only do you accomplish it much more efficiently but you become more effective in your actions as well. Embracing awareness gives you the opportunity to observe what’s going on around you and within you, without attaching yourself to your environment. Additionally, being mindful makes it possible to break old habits and build better ones!

Living life in the moment is not a scapegoat to be lazy and do whatever it is that you feel in the moment. Many people make this mistake when they effortfully attempt to integrate into the moment. However, in order to effectively live in the moment you must maintain certain aims or else you will live aimlessly. Although feelings are very informative friends, they are only temporary. If we all lived our lives fleeting from one feeling to the next we would never get anything done. So it’s important to be aware of what you feel passionate about and intentionally pursue the fulfillment of it in the form of a future goal.

Human beings find fulfillment in living in the moment and achieving their aims. In order to do so its essential to make sure the moments match the aims. Without something worthwhile to strive for, we wander around enslaved by self-doubt and bouts of confusion. So I encourage you all to consider what it is that you want and start striving toward it! And how do you do that? By being mindful of how you are spending your moments. Is what you are doing in this moment taking you closer to or farther away from your intended aim? If so keep moving forward, if not adjust your sails. Live in the moment with intention and your reality will take on a whole new dimension!


3 thoughts on “Live With Intention.

  1. This was a really good post…you say it really well. A lot of people try to talk about living in the moment & intention but don’t seem to grasp the concept quite right.


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