What Do You Want?

What do I want? A simple question, that many of us fail to ask ourselves. It wasn’t until I acknowledged that I was a people pleaser that I decided to stop attempting to please everyone else. That day I realized that no matter what I do, not everyone is going to agree with my actions. So I started pleasing the only person I can, myself. The only problem was, at that time I had no idea what I wanted. It took some soul searching to figure out what I was about, but once I did my whole world did a 180. Not only did I know what I wanted, but what I wanted seemed to flow to me effortlessly.

So what is it that YOU want? Ask yourself.

What are YOU passionate about?

Who do YOU want to be?

Where do YOU want to be?

Allow yourself to honestly contemplate and answer these questions. If you feel unfulfilled or stuck in any area of your life, question what it is that you want. You won’t get anywhere by focusing on the problem, you must search for the solution. Whether it’s a relationship, good health, abundance, or happiness…ask yourself what it is that you can do in order to obtain these things. Be specific and create a list of everything you want in your perfect partner. Visualize what you want yourself to look like and feel like. Ask yourself what it is that makes you happy. Write down everything that you can possibly think of. Now look around you and think of all of the things in your life that you are grateful for, feel your gratitude. Before you know it, you will find fabulous coincidences popping up in every area of your life and pointing you to everything that your heart desires. You are the only person who can save you, so do yourself a favor and throw yourself a lifesaver.


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