It is kind of ironic how nearly every human being aspires to reach their full potential, yet we all hold ourselves back from doing so by the many ways we limit ourselves. Even scarier is that many of us aren’t even aware that we are doing it. We limit ourselves in many different ways but the source is nearly always the same. Fear is the primary cause of the self-imposed limitations that we place on ourselves.

We give way to fear in many different ways and as a result of many different situations. We feel the need to step outside of our comfort zones and travel to uncharted territory, yet we hold ourselves back because of our fear of an undesirable outcome. We wish to take a calculated risk in regards to our career, yet we allow the possibility of our potential failure prevent us from moving forward. We desire a loyal and loving relationship, yet our fear of becoming vulnerable never allows us to truly open up. We know we must take certain measures in order to obtain good health, yet our fear of releasing ourselves from our routine habits hinders our prosperity. Unfortunately, these are only the inclusive and most commonly acknowledged ways in which we limit ourselves.

We limit ourselves in less noticeable ways as well, ways that have a subtle yet profound impact on the overall satisfaction of our lives. We limit ourselves by telling our self that we aren’t pretty enough, we aren’t good enough, we don’t deserve to have happiness.  We limit ourselves when we expect anything less than the best possible outcome in any given situation. We limit ourselves whenever we use the word “can’t” before we have even attempted to accomplish a task. We limit ourselves with our thoughts of what we are and are not capable of achieving. Sadly, our limitations don’t end at ourselves, we attempt to limit others as well.

We limit ourselves every time we have an inclination to pursue an idea and don’t because of what another has told us. Whether we wish to pursue skydiving, ballet or painting. We prevent ourselves from pursuing our desires because someone else tells us all of the risks of jumping out of an airplane, or that we are too tall to be a ballerina, or that we don’t have a steady enough hand to be an artist. We then allow others to limit us based on their own limitations. Many of us aren’t necessarily limiting ourselves, but allowing others to do so by telling us who we are and what we are capable of.

The truth is, no one including ourselves is aware of what we are capable of until we at least attempt to try. In any given situation, whether we think we can or think we can’t, we are right. We become a self-fulfilling prophecy when we allow our minds to tell us what we are capable of accomplishing. Limitations live only in our minds. When we believe in ourselves we overcome those limitations and astound ourselves with our own potential.


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