We are all too familiar with the voice of Kelly Clarkson’s hit single Stronger, in which she croons the infamous axiom “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. If you aren’t familiar with her voice, I am sure you have recognized her words. There is much comfort to be found in this popular expression. It’s as if the expression itself holds the key to a reservoir of strength within you that at times you couldn’t even have fathomed that you had. We have all had at least one of these times, times where we have found ourselves wanting to give up. It can feel as if all of the walls to your sanity are crumbling around you. It is then, when you are surrounded by all of the pieces, that you are presented with a choice. The choice to give up or to begin building a new normal, a new you.

If you choose to give up, in whatever form of the expression you choose to take, you are still left with an unlearned lesson. A lesson that you were destined to learn and one that you must learn eventually. You can either decide to prolong that lesson or pass it. Procrastination doesn’t limit the amount of work, only the amount of time you have to perfect that work. So it is then, when you are throwing yourself a pity party that I suggest you look to yourself for the strength to move forward.

We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can always control how we choose to handle them. Playing the role of a victim of your own life will only make you one. Tapping into that strength and asserting it with the proper actions will make you strong. Now how does one exactly tap into this so called reservoir of strength you might wonder? We all know that in order to gain physical vitality we must exercise our bodies. When we wish to gain mental strength we must exercise our mind with tedious tasks that require concentration. Finally, we find our emotional strength from our thoughts.

Our thoughts are either something we choose to believe about ourselves and the world around us, or something in which the world chooses us to believe about ourselves. When you actively participate in the creation of your thoughts, you can choose constructive perspectives. However when you are not an active participant of your own thoughts, you indadvertedly take on the outspoken thoughts of others and allow them to shape your perspective. Hence the term “independent thinker”. Our thoughts generate an emotional response within us, which is the product of our feelings. Want to strengthen your emotions? Start by seeing unfavorable circumstances more favorably, after all everything happens for a reason.

We might not like everything that is happening in our lives, we might have lost someone we love or something that we love. But in the end if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. The universe is always working for you and never against you. Your world is tied to you and no one else, so be your own reason to be happy even in the hardest of times.


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