Reading Between the Lines.

Try understanding others instead of helplessly hoping that they will understand you. It is no one’s job to understand you but your own. So when you are faced with a problem, don’t take it personally, find compassion in understanding where they are coming from. By knowing where others are coming from you are able to act accordingly on where to go instead of continuously reacting.

In the face of complaints, understand what it might be like to only acknowledge what is wrong and never what is right.

In the face of selfishness, understand what it might be like to always feel like there is something lacking.

In the face of insults, think about how many times this person must have been insulted themselves in order to learn that that was acceptable.

In the face of disconnection, consider how hurt that individual must have been in order to cause them to put up so many walls.

In the face of laziness, recognize their fear of chasing their dreams.

In the face of extremism, imagine how hard it is for that person to simply let go and find faith in life.

In the face of controlling behavior, acknowledge the amount of chaos that led them to feel out of control in the first place.

In the face of someone who is “always right”, consider how many times that person was first told that they were wrong.

In the face of arrogance, understand that small voice in their head that continuously cries “I am not enough”.

In the face of drama and attention-seeking, see the person that wishes so badly to be seen and heard.

In the face of accusation, consider what kind of life it is to constantly live with suspicion.

In the face of judgement or comparison, accept the opportunity that you have been given to show the world love and acceptance.

In the face of passive-aggressiveness, see the child who was never shown a safe way to tell someone how they really feel.

In the face of anger, realize that persons pain of feeling isolated from others.

But above all, in the face of intense hatred, see the possibility that there exists an unlimited supply of love just as intense and overwhelming.

You see when we understand why people act in any way opposed to love and acceptance, we understand the pain that person is going through. And we are able to act in return with love and acceptance by not taking that person’s problems personally.


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