The Things You Can Control.

For so long I felt frustrated with my life because it never seemed to mirror the image in my head of how it was supposed to be. I was “supposed” to be so deserving that absolutely every wish was at my command. When those wishes fell through, I was forced to look myself, and my life, in the not so magic mirror. And when I did, I was surprised to discover that I have very little control over the circumstances in my life. All of the aspects of my life that I attempted to control contributed to my frustration, and forced me to realize that I can control nothing but myself. I can’t control how anyone else feels about me, but I can control my actions in order to evoke the feelings that I desire. I can’t control what anyone thinks of me, but I can control the character I choose to portray. I can’t even control what I look like, but I can control whether or not to enhance my features or continue to complain about them. I can’t control what I’m naturally talented in or find interesting, but I can control whether or not I pursue those things or the status quo. Realizing that little of life is in my control has freed me from the frustration of trying to dictate what was never mine to do so. There is a lot that we can’t control, but by understanding this we gain our control back. We can only control our own attitude, disposition and actions…no one else’s. Acknowledging this allows us to appreciate ourselves, our lives and other people because we are unable to take the things outside of our control personally.


2 thoughts on “The Things You Can Control.

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