The Lies That We Tell Ourselves.

If there is one thing that I have realized it is that we are capable of rationalizing almost anything. Being human also means being able to reason, that is the only upper hand we have over any other mammal. But by having this ability we have all found a way of making our lives appear a lot more complicated than they really are. How you might wonder? By being able to reason and rationalize any of our efforts we also are able to avoid the truth in many circumstances. We over-think or over-analyze situations to the point that once mental exhaustion has set in we have forgotten the simplicity of the situation.

Something as simple as eating has become a way of controlling ones weight or repressing ones emotions and many woman have forgotten why we have to eat in the first place. We eat to live but sadly many now live to eat. Endlessly counting and cutting calories or even worse resorting to eating disorders in order to feel as if we have some form of control over our lives and the way others view them. This isn’t the only situation that we have found ourselves complicating, in fact this is only one out of the various areas of our lives that we have found a way to lie to ourselves.

I’m not pretty enough to approach him at the bar. I’m not smart enough to go on to graduate school. I’m not funny enough to entertain his interests for more than a day. I’m too tired to get out of the house today. I’m too busy to take time to work out. I’m not thin enough. I don’t know how to pray. I’m too overwhelmed to finish my work. I’m not confident enough to assert my opinion. I don’t deserve better. If I give up now I know that I could have tried harder but if I continue and fail I will be a failure. I think I want to ______ but instead I’m going to sit around and allow myself to over think it until I eventually talk myself out of doing what I know that I need to do.

All of these are lies that we all tell ourselves that not only limit us from understanding our true potential and what we are capable of but also prevent us from possible greatness. Acknowledge that your head can rationalize just about anything into an excuse to either do something that you know isn’t good for you or not do something that is. We all know the truth in every situation and it’s choosing to tell ourselves the truth that frees us from our own self-enslavement and self-destruction. You must intentionally choose not to listen to that voice in your head that doesn’t bring you good and remind yourself every time you hear it that it isn’t good. We all have the power to choose and direct our thoughts. We all have the power to acknowledge when we are thinking something that will not benefit us in the future and choose not to run away with that thought but run from it in a different direction. Consciously choose and strive everyday for excellence not perfection; and watch as you rediscover your control over the only thing that you have control over…yourself.


“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” -Aristotle

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