If there is one occasion that can put all else into perspective it is the death of someone you know. It produces an unknown feeling that leaves you wondering what to expect and most importantly why? Like why this person and not the next? It leaves you guessing what reason their existence served and their death has created. It stirs a change deep within you and reminds you that tomorrow or even five minutes from now are never guaranteed. Yet we all act as if they were, why is this? I wonder how much greater our lives will be if we acted as if they weren’t. What would you do? How would you act?

I once read a quote about how we never remember the exact words that people said but we always remember how they made us feel. At the time I didn’t understand the significance of this statement until now. As I reflect upon the loss of my friend the only thing I am sure of is the way he made me feel. I was never left feeling anything less than superior after I saw him. He always managed to make a smile on my face.

But if not even the feelings those that we have lost have once stirred within us, the memories that they have made in our minds and the reflection of how they touched our lives in a way that we couldn’t quite appreciate until their loss. Like the way he instilled a little hope within me and the attitude I undertook after I met him. An attitude I never attributed to him until now. Everyone has always said that it is our experiences in which shape our reality and I haven’t been able to recognize this until now. Had I not experienced you, my perception would have been less than it is now. And had your death not have occurred, I may not have been able to identify just how significant an effect each and every individual you encounter has on you and the person you become. If there is one thing that I know for certain about life it is that everything and everyone is connected.

In order to look at something even as tragic as death from a positive perspective, I have realized that this life is short and no it is not guaranteed. So why not make the most of it now? Why not view every day and every second with fatality? Why not be the best that I can be while I am being? Why not reach for the stars and view this life as a dream that only I can create? Why waste one more second over-thinking, over-analyzing, being unmotivated and letting life pass me by? I can’t give myself one good reason to but I can give myself a million damn good reasons to get off my behind and make something amazing of myself. And I hope that this has inspired you to do the same because life is short but sweet for certain.


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