Just Live YOUR Life!

Lately I’ve noticed that a majority of people that I come into contact with consider what other people think of them over what they think of other people. It sort of baffles me when I hear someone question whether or not they should text someone or question what they should wear based on what they believe the people they will be seeing will expect. It’s as if they don’t consider themselves at all and I want to ask them “Have you no expectations of your own?” I think a lot of people have it confused (I know I did for quite some time), this is YOUR life and not theirs.

When it comes down to it it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you but what you think about you. You most certainly can’t please every single person you would like to because that is impossible. Some of them will wind up having conflicting interests and you’ll be left playing tug-of-war with yourself. And not only that, but these people that you are trying to please aren’t going to matter in the course of your lifetime. Your destiny isn’t attached to anyone but yourself.

So what do YOU want to wear? Who do YOU want to text? How does that person make YOU feel? Why not try eating healthy and exercising because it makes YOU feel better? What do YOU love? What do YOU hate? What do YOU believe in? What do YOU value? All of these are questions that you need to ask yourself because only YOU know the answer, no one else.

Once you begin to consider your own emotions and interests over others you’ll notice not only how much happier you are but how little you take personally. You’ll realize that that guy who rejected you doesn’t matter because you don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate you anyway, and realistically he kinda sucked. You’ll realize that that friend who was rude to you isn’t really your friend, and she was only rude because she’s insecure. You’ll realize that by someone being unable to forgive you after you have apologized profusely can’t affect you after you’ve done all that you could have done, and that resentment that they’re carrying will only add to their load and not yours. Once you begin to consider yourself you will begin to love yourself and finally be able to let everything and anything that doesn’t contribute to that love go.

So in every and any situation I want you to ask yourself: How does this make ME feel?


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