Practice Positivity

If you want to live a positive and happy life, you must begin with the place where all things begin…your mind. Whether you have acknowledged it or not the success of your life begins and ends with your thoughts. If you focus on only the bad in your life you give the bad power, with more power only more bad is attracted to you and you create a vicious cycle of self-defeat. End this cycle today by changing the focus of your thoughts to more beneficial and positive ones. There are an endless array of thoughts you can choose from, so choose healthy ones and watch you’re life begin to unfold before you. Thoughts are like seeds and you’re life is this soil, if you practice the thoughts of the things you desire (whether it be confidence, strength, love, wisdom ect.) your life will shortly grow into a garden. Now if you are one who has given in to self-defeating thoughts before by being overly critical of yourself and others, you have to reprogram your subconcious mind. Whether you believe it or not your mind is a machine, it produces what you feed it. Just like the saying “you are what you eat’, you are what ever you choose to think about yourself…and yes it is a choice. We all have our own little voice in our head that we can will to say what ever it chooses to. Use you’re voice to create positive thoughts about yourself and the world and only positive things will manifest for you.

2nd Exercise to Enlightment

(1) Begin with yourself, tell yourself “I love and approve of myself”, it may sound silly or your past programming might tell you it is silly, but nothing is silly about loving yourself..after all if you don’t love yourself who else will? Let this be your new matra and say it whenever your mind has freedom to wander, say it over and over again. You should say it over hundreds times a day. After saying it repeatedly your body will begin to believe it and you’ll notice yourself feeling more relaxed, more alive.

(2) Whenever a thought arises that attempts to state anything negative tell that thought that “I know set you free” and “I love and approve of myself”. It takes a little time to reprogram you’re subconcious mind to reprogram itself and when it begins to produce negative thoughts that is why. By setting these thoughts free and telling yourself that you are loved and safe repeatedly negative thoughts will slowly begin to dissapate until they will eventually no longer exist.

(3) You should want to gain control over your mind because without control over your mind you are unable to have control over any other area of your life. This is when your life feels like a struggle, do you want your life to feel like an endless battle with yourself and others? No. So begin making positive affirmation about yourself and everything around you, when you catch yourself being critical avert your mind to the positive and attempt to see only the good.

(4) You can do this! No one has control over you without your permission, not even yourself. So start stating who you are by who you want to be. Do you want to be beatiful? Do you want to be thin? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be prosperous? Do you want to be secure? Do you want to be loved? Who wouldn’t want to be all of these things. You can be it without believing it. Instead of wanting start having. You are who you are, until you tell the world you are. Any notible celebrity or famous person will tell you this. Start claiming who you are by saying, “I am beautiful”, “I am thin”, “I am happy”, “I am prosperous”, “I am safe and secure”, “I am loved because I love myself and I am a loveable person worthy of love.” Even if your mind doesn’t believe it at first, soon enough it will begin to. There is a reason why every teacher has always told you to have an open mind, because without one you will never learn anything. By having an open mind, your body will start transforming into what you tell it you are…trust me.

Reward: You now have everything your heart desires manifesting before your eyes.

Don’t give up on yourself because yourself is all you have. After all if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? You can do this and I know you can because I have and so have many others.


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