Exercises to Enlightenment.

Everyone experiences moments of enlightenment through out their lives. That moment of epiphany when you are forced to acknowledge what has been before your eyes all along. It’s empowering when you gain knowledge on a circumstance you would have otherwise taken as is, so allow yourself to be empowered. Don’t blindly battle through life with out learning it’s lessons. Becoming enlightened frees you of societys dogma and allows you to think independently of others opinions in order to cultivate your own. Part of obtaining freedom is freeing your mind. So how exactly does one become “enlightened” and why would anyone take the time to do so?

Exercises to Enlightment

(1) Take inventory of your beliefs. In order to take inventory of your beliefs you must first get a pen and paper. Once you have done so, question what beliefs you have passively taken as your own throughout the years. Did someone once call you fat, so you have accepted that for fact? Did someone once tell you that you were incapable of completing some task, so you now believe you are unable to? Take account of all the beliefs you may have accepted for fact that are in reality merely opinion. What limitations and prejudgements have you placed upon yourself based on the opinion of others?

  • In order to successfully take inventory you must segregate your beliefs under distinct categories. These categories can be anything you wish and can even include subcategories. As an example, some concise categories would include; Self, Religion, Politics, Education, Relationships, Career, Societal Roles of Sexes, Societal Role of Self, Societal Role as a Whole. Under these pretexts assert the first opinion that comes to mind, the trick is to not think about what you are going to write but simply acting out of impulse.

(2) Honestly question each individual belief. Ask yourself whether or not that belief has any value of truth. More likely than not you will find it doesn’t. Cross out the beliefs that no longer apply to you, the beliefs that you have inherintely accepted as so. You will find that a majority of the beliefs are crossed out, and if not it is my hope that you are already an independent thinker. The beliefs you have left should be limited to nothing but the cold hard truth, and if not, should enable you to discover the truth. What do you believe to be true?

(3) Explore each belief individually. Examine one belief and attempt to think of it under all possible circumstances, under which circumstance does that belief apply to your life in a positive manner? If you are unable to see any good in that belief than you can go ahead and cross it out in addition to the previous ones. If a belief has no benefit in your life but to cause chaos and an unsound mind than it should no longer be considered. Accepting opinions that have no positive outcome is a recipe for self-degradation. Why give yourself an F and continue to fail at life when you can create your way to an accomplished A?

REWARD: You are now Self Aware.

It is my hope that this exercise was taken as a serious examination of self. By taking inventory or your beliefs, and which you have blindly accepted, you are able to create a healthy and happy life for yourself. Becoming aware of yourself grants you the power to finally take control of your life in order to improve it in a positive way. This is only the first of many Execises to Enlightment that I will post, so continue to read and continue to create a life worth living.


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