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A simple question that doesn’t seem to be addressed enough. Not enough individuals question why things are the way they are. So my question is why not? If you don’t question the world and why it is the way it is, how will you ever be able to understand it? If you accept the world at face value than how will you ever be able to inspire change? People who don’t ask why haphazardly go through life taking it for what it is. But if we constantly accept things for what they are, how can we ever dream of what they could be?

Curiosity is genius and genius is madness, or at least society has a way of depicting that on those who are in fact inquisitive. But has society failed to acknowledge that without the curious ones the world ceases to evolve. Curiosity is creative. Curiosity is innovative.  Curiosity makes the unbelievable, believable. Has humanity failed to acknowledge this? I know it’s hard for some to imagine this (no pun intended), especially those that are strictly left brain thinkers, but not everything in life is logical. Accepting this notion is the most rational decision a person can come to.

In addition, if people fail to question why things are, they also fail to acknowledge the core or cause of any central issue. By accepting surface information at face value we blindly conceal the true problem instead of solving it. There is a reason why the truth sets people free. Can the truth ever become uncovered without first asking why? No.

What I have found is that if you ask yourself why for any given problem you encounter in your life, and then continue to question each piece of evidence there after, everything is connected…absolutely everything.


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