Deny Doubt.

We have become a society that is a slave to our own thoughts. We allow our thoughts to control our lives and have lost the ability to trust our intuition. It is a gift to trust yourself, don’t deny yourself of that gift.

The best day of your life is the one in which you realize that you don’t have to believe every single word you hear, whether it comes out of the mouth of your mother…or your lover. The day you realize that realistically you are the only person in this entire world who you can rely on at all times. That is the day you decide to be your own best friend. The day that you decide to trust no one but yourself. The day that you listen to your own voice. The day that you ask yourself “what do I believe?” and “who do I want to be?”.

Don’t wait until the day that you have become so lost that it seems almost impossible to find yourself again to finally release yourself from the fear of rejection. When you think about it, we all possess the same single fear, the fear of failure and therefore rejection. So if we’re all afraid what do we have to lose to step forward? Those that throw stones only do so because the very stones they are throwing have begun to weigh them down. They begin to drown in their own insecurities and are left struggling to release whichever weight has become their burden. News flash, they can’t touch you unless you let them. Let your own light shine, and don’t give others the power or potential to ever snuff it out.

Deny doubt and dismiss any thought that doesn’t benefit you. Whether you realize it or not, you have the power to control your mind, don’t become a slave to it.


3 thoughts on “Deny Doubt.

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