Yin and Yang.

Blue yin yang

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Lately, I’ve been attempting to distinguish the difference between polarities. Such polarities being hot and cold for instance, fear and excitement, happiness and despair. In observing all of the contrasts between two extremes, I’ve come to realize that at a certain point the lines begin to blur into one another. For instance, when you take a frozen ice cube and place it on your skin it burns you. But isn’t the term “cold” supposed to imply an absence of heat? And isn’t a burn the result of heat? Or for instance fear and excitement both possesses the exact same emotion or feeling within the human body, well at least for me. But based on your thoughts of that feeling, or your overall mindset that is producing that emotion, the emotion is then defined in a negative or positive manner. Then there is the instance of happiness, would happiness ever be present without also the presence of despair? No, it really would not. The same could be exemplified by the presence of light. Light would not be light without the existence of darkness. And where there is darkness there is always light. The same can be said for light. So if anything, the very essence of the yin and yang can be portrayed in just about anything. This presence justifies are over all interconnectedness. No leaf goes unturned and Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. In life everything is relative. So with that being said, we are able to trace back the connection between any two things and at it’s foundation we find something bigger than ourselves, the mysterious, so to speak. By continuously asking the question why, we eventually find out.


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