A lesson on life.

People often tell you that life is about finding yourself, reaching that point of self actualization. So many in return, search their whole lives and as a result are left with out the answers. They depart still as a simple question, because they failed to distinguish the key difference between finding and searching.

The definition of finding and searching are not equated to another. They are two distinct actions. When you attempt to search for something, you intentionally go out looking for it. But how is one to search for something when they do not know what it is that they are searching for? They will continuously question who they are because they are searching for something that they do not know. But when someone chooses to find themselves, they explore all of their options.

They wander down roads that appeal to them, not necessarily to everyone else. Because individually, they have their own unique interests and talents that distinguish them from any other. We are all individuals in that sense. By following that that interests them, they can easily determine which ideally does and doesn’t. But none the less, the individual can only find a piece of themselves by searching outside of themselves.

The other piece is found by asking themselves who they want to be instead of habitually acting as “themselves”. They question what kind of person they desire to become and they take the necessary actions in order to become that person. They may become inspired by another, but they understand that their journey is different than theirs. They comprehend that we are all enrolled in the course of a lifetime, but are all given various versions of essentially the same tests. They grasp the notion that everyday will be a challenge, small or large, and that everyday it is their choice to either learn from the mistakes they made on the previous exam or continue to be given the same challenges that they were faced with before. They understand this, so it is also understood that they can’t solve the same problem using the same method of thought that created that circumstance. They see this, so they are able to see the world in which they choose. Some decide to change their circumstances, while others lack the ambition to…or so they think. Either way life will continue to go on, but how is always up to us. And in the end…the how always determines who exactly we are.


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