Unconditional Love.

In the world today this notion has become something so incredibly hard to grasp. Many people haven’t really experienced unconditional love until they have had their first child; after marriage, after having countless close friends, after being raised in seemingly secure and amorous environments. This idea of unconditional love is often taken for granted just as quickly as our lives are.

So what exactly is it to unconditionally love someone? To state it simply, loving someone without conditions to constrict that love. It means loving yourself even when you get fired from your job or fail a test. It means loving your best friend after she has shared your biggest secret. It means loving your parents after they have chosen to get a divorce. It means loving your boyfriend after he has said something to hurt you. It means loving your colleague after they have failed to follow through on a commitment. It means loving your dog after he goes to the bathroom on your brand new rug. It even means loving your husband after he has had an affair.

Some of these examples you may have found easy to forgive, but others you may have quickly dismissed the thought of ever being able to do so. But if you honestly sat back and asked yourself why you would be unable to do so, I’m sure you would find out a lot about yourself and your own social conditioning.

You would first realize that you placed expectations on another person. By expecting from others you don’t allow them to make mistakes, you essentially expect them to be perfect. Are you perfect? The very essence of our beauty, as well as the beauty of life, is it’s imperfections. When you are unable to forgive someone for causing pain in your life, you hold onto that pain and that pain only continues to hurt you…not them. Holding onto resentment creates hate, anxiety, stress and depression to grow in your life. The more you hold onto, the more these feelings grow.

Society often tells us where and when to draw lines in our lives. For many people they listen to and follow these lines, never really realizing who they truly are. What their limit is. But society doesn’t tell us that if you don’t test your limits you will never know what they are and what you believe in.  You will never discover what is right for you. What is right for everyone else, doesn’t necessarily mean the same for you. If you listen to the voice of others instead of your own, you will never know what or who makes you happy.

So when someone does the unspeakable, they do something that really makes you tick. Sit back and ask yourself, is this their battle or my own? Because we are all fighting our own battle. With this knowledge we are freed from feeling resentment and allowed to unconditionally love all of those around us, including ourselves. As far as when and where you cross the line, that is based upon your own personal belief. Just because someone has hurt you, and you have chosen to forgive them, doesn’t mean that you are forced to continually be abused. The choice to walk away from any given situation is always in your hands. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

But as far as love goes…it should always remain unconditional and be extended to everyone you encounter. That’s the only way to discover who you truly are.


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