I believe in living life on impulse. With the right intentions, everyone should live entirely free.

The only things we regret in life are the opportunities that we don’t take; the things we leave unsaid; the actions left un-led.

We allow our thoughts to grow into fears and we miss out on living what could be a wonderful life.

Sure people are going to judge you. But you’ll be judged either way. You might get disappointed a time or two. But you’ll be more disappointed by what you don’t do. And you may make a few mistakes. But hey, at the end of the day at least you tried for something! At least you let your faith be bigger than you’re fear.

I believe that as long as you try, even if you do fail, you still won in the end. You won because of your confidence. You won because of your courage. You won because of the lesson you learned by letting you’re heart lead instead of you’re head. So think on that.

We waste so many experiences by over thinking our own actions. In the end, I believe everyone should live on impulse. As long as you don’t hurt anyone or pass judgement on others while doing so, just DO IT.

The only point of power is in the present.


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