Be Yourself.

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What is the one thing that we as human beings constantly seek and search for within the deepest depths of ourselves and throughout our waking lives? Meditate on this for a second. What is the one thing that we universally desire more than anything?

LOVE. Our whole purpose and existence is cultivated through the love we share with one another.

Now, what is the one thing that we as human beings fear and deny ourselves of everyday? We constantly seek acceptance because we have been taught and led to believe that by simply being ourselves is a notion to fear. We relentlessly fight to fit in, when we are all born to stand out in our own unique talents. But instead we hide our talents and ourselves. We build walls and form facades to hide who we truly are out of fear that who we are is not going to be good enough. By doing this, we miss out on life, we let love slip through our fingers, and our own happiness to fall into the shadow of who we think we should be.

So I dare you. I dare you to be yourself. Be yourself, and let your faith in who you know you are be bigger than the fear of who you think others want to know. Because you are good enough. We all are. And if someone makes us feel as if we aren’t, it’s because they see something within us that they wish they had.

So don’t take anything personally. Not a single thing. We are all fighting our own battle, find forgiveness in that fact.

But most importantly, LOVE. With a wise heart. With a courageous heart. And most importantly, with an open heart.

Because when you think about it…what do any of us have to fear? We’re all in this together. In the course of a lifetime none of this will matter, so why not make our lifetime serve significance of some sort.

Peace, Love, Faith.


2 thoughts on “Be Yourself.

  1. Beautifully written! Such wonderful insights about love and that we soudl be ourselves and not what others want us to be. When I was a kid I once got a secret note on a Valentines day, send from annonymous, with only one sentence that I never forgot “Love yourself first and most” it read. And I do.
    Thank you for putting this up, this reminded me of so many wonderful things in my realtionship with myself 🙂

    Greetings from Lithuania!


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