Where there is darkness, there is always light.

I’ve learned that nothing is impossible. In fact the very meaning of faith is finding the possible in the impossible. Faith is stepping forward and allowing yourself to fall into the unknown. Because once you have the courage to find faith in the unknown, the unknown reveals itself to you. The darkness of world that you once walked around in is now illuminated by light. It is only then that you are able to see the world for the first time. Having faith is believing in the unbelievable, the unseen, the unheard and allowing yourself to believe, to see and hear the heart of humanity, the heart of God.

It has been said that our lives are intertwined and we each play an important role in one another’s life lesson. As you journey through life you meet many, many people. Some touch your life for only a few seconds, others a lifetime. The role that each plays cannot be known until we live a fulfilled life and have learnt valuable lessons. But none of this can be understood until you first find the faith to believe in the illogical and irrational. When you come to terms that not everything in life can be rationalized and defined by logic. Once you do so you will become enveloped in a state of ease and grace with the knowledge that not everything makes sense.

Allowing yourself to lead your life with your heart and not your head is the first step towards enlightenment. If the whole world allowed itself to only follow it’s heart, there would be no conflict. The world would know peace. But because so many don’t allow their “sixth sense” or their heart to lead their life, their lives become complicated and the world is filled with chaos. By attempting to explain the unexplainable we only complicate the uncomplicated. Life is simple, but we have a tendency to¬†complicate it with our lack of faith.


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