Dear Readers,

You may be asking yourself, “Who is a Sassanista?” Or most importantly WHAT qualities must a women possess in order for her to be characterized as a “Sassanista“? A Sassanista is a woman who is self-assured, sophisticated and most importantly sassy. She never leaves the house without a smile and a sense of direction. She is self-assured in the sense that she is content with the idea of being alone. She never looks to a man nor material possessions as a means to either “complete” or “define” her. She knows who she is, and finds satisfaction in knowing that no one else is like her.

A Sassanista’s sophistication is defined by her general outlook on life. She knows that she is responsible for the life she leads based on the decisions she chooses to make on a daily basis. She never attempts to hold others accountable for the downfalls she faces on this roller coaster that we all call life. She takes responsibility for the life she leads, and because she does so, she finds satisfaction in her overall existence.

Who would a Sassanista be if she were not of all things sassy? Now contrary to popular belief, someone who is considered to be “sassy” does not suffer from an overall need of an attitude adjustment. The true definition of the word “sassy,” is someone who is full of spirit. She is lively and bold because she knows who she is and doesn’t attempt to alter herself in order to gain the approval of others. Because of this a “sassy” woman is commonly identified as stylish and chic, possessing an eye for beauty and a passion for fashion as well.

A true Sassanista is full of spirit and possesses a natural zest for life because she has taken the time and actions necessary in order to find her true authentic self, and throughout her journey she has found love and joy within herself. If you wish to become a Sassanista you must first do one thing, believe. You must start believing in yourself and the power your mind has over the circumstances in which life hands you. You must free yourself from the notion that others are responsible for the trials and triumphs that you have endured.  And again, you must believe in yourself, and your potential to become your best self. Envision yourself living the life that you WANT to lead and continue to read my blog in order to start living that life NOW, the life of a Sassanista.

Live boldly. Laugh uncontrollably. Love openly.



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